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Random Bookmarks and things…


Just needed a place to keep track of sites I visit often…


Pinterest (craft ideas and recipes and things)


where to get yarns and supplies…

- Fabric.com (the knit shop)

- Yarn.com (check for sales)

- Jimmy Beans wool and more

- Knitting Warehouse (get the church supplies here in bulk in mid-November)

- Fabulous Yarn (higher end stuff for nicer projects)


Food bloggers I like…

- Smitten Kitchen (the chocolate chip cookies are the best recipe I’ve ever tried)

- Half Baked Harvest (she has a family of 8 and all of her recipes are crowd favorites and can be made large enough for big groups!)

- Serious Eats (like that they give you an education about the meal/food)

- Minimalistic Baker, simple but delicious recipes. Juliana really likes the gluten free selections.

- Sally's Baking Addiction ...I will only ever use her sugar cookie cut out recipe. They are perfect and it’s the only sugar cookie we use for our holiday cookie baking!



Email and tech stuff..

gmail.com email

hotmail email for old work info

printer ink for the upstairs printer

light bulbs for the outside flood light (get the soft white ones – Alex doesn’t like the cool color)